What Drives Us

PharmaZen is an innovative developer, manufacturer and marketer of science-based, natural nutritional ingredients and dietary supplements.

PharmaZen's success relies on these 5 operational drivers.


Raw materials sourced in New Zealand as locally as possible, with high levels of traceability, are converted into specialised nutritional ingredients at PharmaZen’s purpose built, export licensed manufacturing facilities.

New Zealand is globally recognised for the quality of its food products, not just as a result of its natural environmental advantages, but because of its stringent food safety and animal welfare regulations.



There are several companies in Australasia who operate in similar areas, but none with our diversity of processes, products and innovative, proven technologies.

This leaves us heavily reliant on developing from within and creating an environment of inclusiveness that allows us to tap into the skills from the widest range of people.

We currently employ 14 nationalities and have a senior management team evenly split between male and female, with 50% of the team being promoted internally.


Food production has a major impact on water and greenhouse gas emissions. We were a very early adopter of carbon emission reduction and have participated in Toitu (Environcare) for 17 years, actively reducing our footprint and identifying opportunities for further improvement.

Our environmental impact is a key driver in the identification of new opportunities and better processes.


Adding Value

New Zealand has clear advantages in terms of the quality of raw materials available, but at PharmaZen we look to add additional value in process and product development.

At a base level value is added through efficient drying of raw material and increases significantly through the addition of IP through process, product development, market access and regulatory support.

Global Focus

As an export focused business, we understand the opportunities and challenges involved in taking unique, bespoke products to market. It takes time, patience, resources and above all a high-quality offering.

Equally this time in market provides us with great insight into technology, trends and market dynamics.  We leverage these learnings to support the continuous improvement required to stay competitive.

Our ability to manage the volatility that comes with exchange rates and seasonal climate impact on raw materials is built around building not just diversity of product and markets; it is about searching globally for the best solutions to support competitiveness through yield, energy use, waste reduction and process efficiency.