Good Health,
Healthy Future.
We enable innovation in
the development of science based, natural nutritional ingredients.


PharmaZen is a stock exchange listed company founded in 2001 by the late Howard Paterson, Dr Max Shepherd and Dr Tak Hung to commercialise a range of animal remedies that had been developed by Zenith Technology in conjunction with the Otago University.

The company’s manufacturing arm, Waitaki Biosciences, was acquired in 2002, amalgamated in 2006 and has grown into one of Australasia's most diversely capable nutraceutical manufacturers.

Through subsidiaries PharmaZen manufactures and markets functional foods and ingredients from high quality raw materials sourced in New Zealand and the surrounding oceans. Many of these ingredients are by-products from other processes.

This development goes beyond chemistry and often includes the development of engineering solutions particularly in areas of energy utilisation.

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, PharmaZen has more than 20 years experience selling premium products into global markets.


Product Pillars

We consider three critical product pillars when producing our high quality functional foods, supplements and ingredients.


Be it animal, marine or botanical raw material it can be traced from source – farm or ocean - through to its final finished format.


All products must be processed to deliver optimised levels of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, lipids, proteins and other bioactives  in order to deliver the available nutritional and associated health benefits.


Optimising and supporting the manufacture through development of processes and technology that ensures safe, highly efficient and environmentally friendly systems.